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accordion ballads, asparagus eyes, awesome girls, baby interns, bindle theory, boys from canadia, boys in pink shirts, captain speirs: professional badass, character assassination, clooney/mcavoy, coach/mrs. coach, curry me up chris, dirkandsteveomg, dirty secret sex, easter island, eternal april, fauxhawks, firefly, found families, gag reels, grabthar's hammer, harry potter, heavy eyebrows, hobo studies, infomercials, intentional heros, jan goes slumming, jon fucking snow, jon snow fucking, jon snow/anyone, jon snow/everyone, jon snow/robb stark, jon snow/sansa stark, kind words regarding erotica, lesbian pantsuits, lord snow-house cunnilingus(sigil:pink orchid), men with beards, movies about smart sharks, muttonchops, negative cohesion, pacey-witter-is-my-tv-boyfriend, pantherama, people discussing their sims, profanity, richard madden: hedonist, scruffy fellows, seth avett's magical hair, sexy war, simply walking into mordor, spock/uhura, taking back the night, tenderhearts, the avett brothers, the fluffing hour, the word dovecote, varied somnias
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